Beegs Wood Oven Pizza is a small, family-run business, owned and operated by Liz and Gary Biegel. We hope to share with our neighbors what started as a hobby, and quickly turned into a passion. After completing a course for Italian style Thin Crust Pizza and making many pies in our home kitchen for friends and family, we thought we had the perfect pizza. We then purchased a backyard wood oven to cook our pizzas in and were blown away by the taste it added to what was already a delicious pizza. So began the idea for our little business!

Making our own dough with an Italian OO flour has always tasted better to us. What is OO flour? The number refers to the fineness of the milling. It is made from top-quality, all-natural soft wheat flour that has been milled slowly and has an extremely fine texture that makes for a very soft and flavorful thin crust. On a personal note, there’s another reason we make our dough with Italian OO flour: many in our family have stomach problems, and through experimenting, we found this flour to be less of an irritant and easier to digest.

To sum things up, this is what we are offering to our neighbors and friends:
– a wood burning oven
– dough made with OO flour, mixed with RO water and allowed to ferment and rest for 52-58 hours
– tomato sauce made in house using San Marzano tomatoes, kosher salt, garlic and olive oil
– high quality cured meats
– imported parmigiana and Asiago cheese
– virgin olive oil
– local tomatoes, vegetables and herbs (when available)

We so enjoy preparing and eating these foods together as a family, and hope that many locally will enjoy what we pass through the customer window.




    Beegs Wood Oven Pizza

    91 Main Street North

    Grand Valley, ON

    L9W 5Y4

    Tel: 519-928-9786 (CALL or TEXT!)

    Email: beegspizza@gmail.com


    Friday: 11:30am-1:30pm, 5pm-8pm

    Saturday: 11:30am-1:30pm, 5pm-8pm